Most areas look good, but some spots dried with a milky-looking film on them… Any idea why this happened? Might be worth a do-over if it is that deep. So if you need to even things out, I would strip the wood down and have a “do-over”. I have been brushing on a couple coats, then wet sanding lightly, and spraying the final coat or two. Hello Marc….A few clarifications about your wiping method. We are having problems with bubbling, and product not hardening. I have looked all over and cannot find an answer for what we are doing. That’s not to say the product is complete evil, but a large number of folks are having issues with it. Epoxy Is sanding needed in between the layers of the spar finish (varnish or urethane)?. Is there a special place, a store I can find it at or do I need to by it online. Thank you so much for responding *today*, it will definitely help me tomorrow. Yes its durable, but its not easily repairable. Just enough to seal it. D.R. So I guessing that if you sand the entire surface with 180 or 220 grit, apply your coloring agent, and then apply the urethane on top, you MIGHT get a decent final product. Do you think this finish will be too soft? Or is this spar possibly just not cured all the way yet? In a prior post I don’t believe you said anything about wiping off the first coat. my husband said that his understanding is that the water base Spar McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish #80-6505; McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish #80-6535; McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish #80-7505; McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish Spray #80-7555 It helped a lot, the color of the varnish spread evenly and it looked great. I am refinishing a wood gunstock. Never heard one such complaint from people using Epifanes. These techniques are pretty much the same as what Marc discussed but one is dry and one is wet. I waited five hours and then lightly sanded. I have a large front porch so the door is not in direct sunlight for very long each day so I just put on three coats. Strangely its not sticky its just slightly oily to the touch. After a few seconds, it looks like water on a waxed car. But I can only roughly guesstimate. liqua tile 1172 potable water, Find Corro Coat FC Can I mix stain in the gallon of spar urethane? In summer temperatures go up to 115 degrees with low humidity. I don’t understand why only one shelf is cloudy. Varnish for interior furniture would use less oil and be harder and more brittle varnish than spar has been time tested for over a century on boats out I am using 5/8″ plywood as a seat base for outdoor chairs. It’s odd and I don’t really have a good reason for it but the problem seems to go away with you leave a slightly thicker layer of finish on the surface. If one layer contains a flaw, subsequent layers won’t necessarily hide it. I applied General Finishes exterior 450 stain(water base) to two 8 panel recessed fir front doors with a cotton cloth and a foam brush. One last tip: if you are finishing a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods (like pine doors) consider using a “laquer” based stain product like Blond-It. I am never one to shy away from admitting when I don’t know something. I’ve got a kitchen table top that I would refer to as butcher block. Once you coat it with spar varnish, you are essentially negating it’s presence and slowing down your cure time while increasing the overal time invested in the project. I haven’t stripped anything in years. Yes. Thank you for all the great information on your site! I don’t really work with fiberglass or acrylic paints so I can’t offer much advice here. Staining pine is tricky and staining it blank may not give you the results you hope for. While a 220 grit ROS sanding will get you there quickly, it could very well get to there too fast! And also check in some of the boating forums out there. John. Rust-Oleum® Marine Coatings Spar Varnish provides a stunning finish and maximum protection against sun, weather, sea spray and mildew. Its a very natural looking finish without a thick film and it seems to be holding up quite well. wipe with the grain and try not to “double wipe” any area. Helmsman® Spar Urethane is not recommended for large exterior surfaces where maintenance would be difficult, such as decks and siding. 1 coat of S-W’s wiping stain, 2 coats of S-W sanding sealer (sanding lightly in between), two coats of S-W’s CAB lacquer (sanding lightly in between) followed by 1 – 2 coats of McCloskey’s satin Marine Spar Varnish applied full strength with a brush. We want a very clear, glass-like, smooth shiny surface. You can definitely brush coats on if you want to build up a thicker finish fast, then wipe on the last one or two if you want. The surface should feel dry and no colder than room temp. Hi! Of course many folks have also had problems with Helmsman and I will still make the claim that Epifanes is better, but it also costs an arm and a leg more. Unfortunately, adding more coats of finish will not fix the problem. Its really tough to say. The words 'varnish,' 'marine,' or 'spar' don't seem to mean much of anything and their use I am planning on doing light sanding with at least 220 grit sandpaper in between applications regardless. You can certainly do that if you like. Hey! I recently a lightly weathered bench and sprayed it with spar urethane. But I’d probably buy a cheap wagner indoor/outdoor sprayer and spray large items. I have interior house trim which has so many scratches that I want to put a clean coat of spar on (some areas are high sun areas as well as doggie claw scratches). Thanks for the inputs John. Cheers. Any suggestions on what I may do? I then came across your suggesting of diluting the urethane by 50% with mineral spirits and then wiping it on with t-shirt dipped in mineral spirits. Assuming that’s the case, I would lightly sand the door with 180 grit paper to smooth out the surface. Wet Dry 700 epoxy in our Best Selling - fix anything :). lots of solvent, more than air quality, VOC regulations (VOCs are the solvents in products) allow (see I thinned the varnish and put on six coats. An exterior polyurethane would certainly be a decent choice considering the conditions. India Spar Varnish over naturally finished wood I would add “slow thinner” to your lacquer top coat to create a longer curing/drying time to allow the moisture to escape before it skins over. I’ve seen on here not to do it in direct sun, which isn’t a problem, but this time of year it is very cool in the mornings (51 degrees now) and very hot in the afternoons (101 predicted today). UV And if I can’t see the scratch marks and the surface is nice and smooth, there is really no reason to go any further. Thanks for all your advice! I haven’t really used the Wood Finish product myself, but I’ve heard good things about it. But usually, two coats isn’t enough to build a high shine. Either way, my solution for this would be to make sure the door is well sanded. You will not find much information on the drying agents used in your I have also never used the man o war product before. it looks pretty good, no brush marks. What is the best method for applying the conditioner? Thank you. I wouldn’t start sanding between coats until you have about 3 coats built up. Is there any type of varnish that will fill-in/float-out these raised blotches so you don’t see them? Can you use a combination of spar and poly and/or combination of application? I have finished all the prep work and the first coat went on like a dream. I am also concearnd with thebond strenth to water based acyrlic paints due to the nature or the game. HI WW….doing over a friends solarium which is 6 inch redwood boards and glass panels…the old clear spar varnish was applied over bare redwood, and now it has potato chipped and become opaque…whats the best removal of these flakes? a better quality brush, etc. Let's start off by talking about what goes into manufacturing traditional, But if there is no stain involved, there’s no reason you can’t give the surface a light sanding after the first coat. Your advice and information was very helpful, personal and thorough. After waiting 24hours something doesn’t seem right as the Hellsman is not tacky to the tough and it doesn’t appear to be dry. And the bar stools were so easy. Not necessarily because of any particular drying benefits but because it is simply easier to apply and I get better results. It appears that the best vanishes use tung or a tung oil Thanks! Even if we talk all the standard precautions, its still going to happen. I don’t want him making it worse so I’m going to try and fix it myself. What would you advise on such a project? Varnish has many uses apart from providing a finishing. I sanded the wood to remove some of the PT for a distressed, authentic look, then prettied the rest of the wheel up with red cedar on the trim and the spokes. I just completed a woodblock style clipboard for my sister-in-law. Cheers! Now I haven’t really tested General Finishes 450 on a long-term project. Overall I have found great advice on this site and many new techniques to try out. The durable finish is U.V. Boy, this is a really good page. Could I fix this issue by applying a couple coats of a rub on poly on top of this? than those the purchase cheaper products. Paul Oman, MS, MBA - Progressive Epoxy Polymers, The varnished wood on many boats is referred to as “Bightwork”. Oil-based finishes are a little less offensive at first, but linger much longer. Hey Steve. The front and back porches where the doors open to are deep and provide excellent protection from rain, snow, and sun. At the left, a UV-resistant varnish sold at marinas; in the middle, two common spar varnishes with claims to UV resistance sold at home centers; and, at the right, an indoor varnish with no claim to UV resistance. You can read more about it here: Marc – thank you so much for the helpful advice. The only issue I have is one panel that expanded this past summer and caused a crack in the finish along one edge of the panel. Perhaps even ease up on the dilution. Shari. Product/Price list //. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. – or would the full strength application be better? Your site is very helpful! Any thoughts? If I do decide to switch over how long do you think it will take to cure and can you give me an idea of a couple of common problems that I might expect? Never again for any Helmsman product. The finish will just follow the contours of whatever you apply it to. Many times the streaks come from the finish being applied too thin. Inc. - (floor epoxies, Sand the door in the direction of the grain. Raise the Grain First. I wanted it a little more “red” but had to use more stain to even out the color, it ended up darker but still came out very nice.. My question now is,polyurethaning the door with “Epifanes” what sheen or which “Epifanes” would you use. Looks like fingerprints of white all over the dark wood. real varnish). The old fashion varnish is on its way out, which is sad because it As long as the oil is cured, you can top coat with spar varnish. These finishes cure via oxidation, which means air is your worst enemy. The end result is a painted “rug”. Spar Urethane tends to have more oil mixed with it; therefore, it is also called long oil varnish. I’m impressed with the information on your web site!! The stain contains boiled linseed oil which takes a good amount of time to dry. Would it be better at this point to strip the entire door and start from scratch? I would like to stain the door on the outside side a little darker to match the shade on the inside side, and I would also like to treat it so that it can withstand cold temperatures, etc. Ed. I really have grown to appreciate your work as it took me forever to scroll down the page of questions and replies. And sometimes (not always) in the finishing world, you get what you pay for. A little love, a little patience, a good eye and a steady hand will get you that bubble-free and brush stroke-free result that we all want when using this method. It doesn’t have the weather exposure that your door may have, however. I don’t know if I have screwed up the surface prep or have a bad batch of finish or spirits. Thanks. But that’s the trade-off right? is: what is the best and least exhausting method to apply to these new barn walls? Especially in a conspicuous area, I know that I would never be able to spot fix to perfection. Either one will work. But if the payoff is a smooth finish with no brush strokes, who cares, right? Atleast I think thats correct. More coats will offer more protection but gives you that plastic look. It should help fill the gaps. Inside photo of the canoe attached.". Some very imformative word on these two finishes! I find that with most woods, by the time I hit 180, I can no longer see the scratch marks left by the sanding. I am sure there are other options out there that I am unaware of and the folks who use them routinely would be the best to ask for advice. I usually prefer mineral spirits. Applying by brush will present you with a few extra challenges, like brush strokes and drips, but you’ll build the finish faster (fewer coats). But there’s no reason you can’t wipe on your first coat, or every coat for that matter. what to do to prevent this, A couple of things. Is it possible to thin Helmsman and spray it with an HVLP gun? I might try to lightly sand the surface of the deck before applying the varnish, just to ensure a good bond. Its got great oils in it and will last a long time on windows. I would try one more time, if you think there is an answer to avoiding my streaky results. Oak front door, 10 panel, stained dark walnut. Hello, Thanks for your help. Outdoor furniture is typically finished with Spar. Another professional 'trick' with  spar varnish is to apply it to all uncoated wood surfaces that are to receive a coat And since you are trying to bond the baseboard to tile, I would probably use construction adhesive like liquid nails. forget reccomendations by mfg!!! In other words, you aren’t brushing. Thanks. Also, I stated earlier, I will fashion a brushing booth to better control temperature as I apply and cure finishes. The primary reasons that this type is better for outdoor wood is that it remains flexible over time, it has additional alkyd resins for UV stability, and it is more flexible. Dave. I’m worried that the bar will be tacky and sticky in the summer where the sun hits it (this is mostly under the trees, and there are two sun umbrellas in the bar, but there are some areas that will get direct sun. The poly could fill the scratches and make them very undetectable. information and tips-and-tricks. I’ve been trying to restore my neighbor and good friend front door faded and dried by the South Florida sun exposure (door is facing to sunrise East in every morning) .The door was faded only the bottom half, so I sanded it to the bonethat part only, them applied a thin coat of diluted shellac to prevent wood to absorb to much stain when trying to match the door original color. Looks great! Also what grit do you suggest sanding imbetween coats? I was wondering what your expierance is with water based poly’s. Is there anything in the spar polyurethane that would be harmful if used say on the kitchen or bath cabinets. thanks again for the advice I have a general question. And do not apply another coat of stain or anything until the first coat feels dry to the touch. Some states allow for the sell of existing old What do we use that won’t give any shine? How many coats depends on what kind of look you want and the level of protection you require. Shop temp upper 60’s low 70’s. I just sanded with 220 grit lightly, and sure enough those spots the stain is way lighter . In the past I did not sand and the finish clouded on me. Though with the Helmsman already in place, you might just leave it alone. I wouldn’t call myself an expert at all, :). Hi. amine blush that might have formed on the Technically, there is no reason you can’t put Epifanes right on top of the Helmsman, but at this point, I think its just easier to stick with the same material. How log does it take for the coat to fully dry. So if it were me, I would wait until the temperature gets at least into the high 50’s and 60’s before I even thought about putting a finish on it. Was hoping the same would be true for the Spar. If it were me, I’d go right to the protective finish. but the unsure if oil or water bases product was used before, are there any adhesion concerns to watch for or a test to know which to use? Should I fill those gaps with the spar up to the top of the 1X4? FYI I used a cheap brush .99 and a medium cheap brush $6 and found with the $6 brush if I worked quickly by brush strokes nearly evened out. order online). Hi Brian. Is the exterior stuff a different animal than the interior Sikkens product? tried to sand down with 180 and wiped with mineral spirits, but still not getting down to the brush marks. This is an indoor table but I would like something relatively strong and protective. I purchased a satin varathane spar urethane product and cut it 50% with paint thinner. Well, I came home from work the other night, saw the door and almost cried it looked so terrible. Seems like good stuff though. We have completely sanded the door and panel grooves to bare wood. But I haven’t read a can of Epifanes in years. I sealed them [I believe mistakenly] with CWF-UV deck and siding sealant. The directions say to put 3-4 inches of water in the tub to swell the wood before making ice cream. It is our own My dilemma is that it looks fine as is, although I don’t like the feel so much — and now I fear for its future (due to Helmsman) after reading your blog. all the ones I have examined they look, smell, apply nothing like real varnish, and in the few tests I have done, Looked great! is not a guaranty that the product is real, traditional varnish. Hey Diana. Nearly every time I hear an issue with speckles, cloudiness, or flaking finish, they are nearly always using Helmsman. Read your posting and cannot thank you enough for your ‘wiping’ instructions. I just paint stipped and then sanded down the outside of our wooden exterior door. my question is: what can i put over the water sealer to make deck shine? Your opinion? I am in the Central Florida Area of the country. Should I stir it with a drill attachment paint stirrer or would that cause more problems? I work in the industrial setting,.but never used spar urethane. Hey Dan. I’d also prefer not to have to sand in between coats. Do you have a 800 number I can talk to someone? I meant Sanding Sponges not “pads” in the previous reply. spar urethane or simply spar varnish, or simply varnish that is not the traditional varnish product. Is this something I can use over lacquer? Honestly, my distaste for Helmsman doesn’t actually come from my own experience. Some may think its a little too soft for interior applications. You could just try a spray lacquer. But if you are willing to give it a shot, sand the surface back to level out those craters, then apply the satin poly. Do not thin if your inexperienced you will have bad runs or shoot out of gun unless your in a dustless environment. Purchase Here - Cannot be shipped to California. But in terms of sanding and surface prep, its pretty much the same. Hey Johnny. If she’s looking for bar top style finish, I’d look into the pourable epoxy mixtures. Spar varnish is purposed to project long-lasting protection to your piece of wood. Hi Colleen. SOLVENT: The most common solvent for varnish is mineral spirits (sometimes called stoddard solvent), but I have Staining was a breeze but when it came to the varnishing part(using spar urethane full strength), I used a soft bristled brush and going with the grain I noticed brush strokes. You’re a real find! I was hoping that by using a thicker oil based urethane would probably reduce the odor and require less coats and also reduce the need for sanding in between. Will the sealer be okay if hot things are placed on it once we’re done? The problem is that sap is dripping from the wood ceiling now after it has been up for 60 years. But if you guys are making a lot of this furniture, an HVLP might be a smart business purchase. We hired professional stainers to stain & poly all the extensive woodwork in our newly constructed house, They’ve done a great job using Old Masters gel stain followed by Sikkens spray-on water-based satin polyurethane, which they sand after 2 coats and it leaves a beautiful finish. Ok i will try that finish. Hello again. Just give the surface a light scuff sanding with 320 grit paper, wipe off the dust, then proceed with the Epifanes coats. After reading many of the above I still have a question. Thanks again for your help! This all needs to be removed. I talked to GF and they recommended only the Exterior 450 (water based) stain as this is their only true exterior grade stain. i understand that i can use 220+ grit sandpaper or very fine steel wool(000), but wont this leave scuffs on the surface? I keep getting brush marks on my exterior door. My goal with the video was to demystify finishing by going over each and every step of the wiping varnish process. Would you apply a “primer” beforehand? There are products out there specifically for bleaching wood, or you can just buy oxalic acid. how much sanding? Sorry Jeff. Hate to put you on the spot, but tell me exactly how you would put each coat on, dilution level, application method, and whatever else I might need to know. I went with about 20% and it seems like it is going to take a while. Because you are actually applying less material to the surface, the dry time is significantly decreased as well. both Varathane brand from Spar Urethane at HOme Depot Just depends on how fast the finish cures. Thanks Peter. The most important sanding happens at the beginning, after the first and second coats. I know the epoxy poured and leveled out well. Just keep in mind that it could very well yellow the finish over time. I am looking for somthin that i can cover over acylic latex paint that will not yellow. For exterior use, a modern spar varnish which is long oil and is made up of tung oil, Phenolic resins, solvents, dryers an Ultra Violet blockers (to protect the color of the wood from fading) is probably your best choice if you elect to use an oil varnish outside. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t top coat the deck with a good marine varnish. I look forward to your reply. I have twice put on three coats in a day, and am still getting streaky results. Looked great for years but now varnish is peeling away. the varnish thinner and helps it soak into the wood better, thus giving (in theory) better adhesion for the entire So I would have to tell him what it was: 1/3 boiled linseed oil, 1/3 spar varnish (I never understood why it had to be spar varnish and not simply any varnish), and 1/3 turpentine. Is it best to use it on the whole thing or just the top? I like the idea or not having to sand between each coat, and the quicker drying times. Hey Jason. Well stop using a brush! But I honestly thing the spar varnish will be adequate. It has 4 coats of Thompson’s Weather Sealer/ Stain on it. This is my 1st project and it’s my kitchen cabinets. If you need to do something other than HVLP, try a brush. It can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. I am considering using clear gloss spar urethane coatings (multiple coats) without sanding between coats as this would generally detract from the existing condition as well as time consuming. I have been sanding in between coats with 220, then 320 paper. We have done 2 coats of red mahogany stain and are ready to add oil based poly finish. Instead of Helmsman, step up to Epifanes. Is Spar Urethane for wood only. So think about how many coats you want to apply and how fast you want to get it done. Quick question on finishing Oak bannisters and railings. Now we might use mineral spirits (paint thinner) instead of turpentine, but this was an ancient formula, surely before there was mineral spirits. thanks. It is 72 X 27. Hi, Outdoor stains don’t seem to give the same vibrancy as indoor stains. It actually looked great for about four years but then began to crack and flake off. Let the varnish dry completely before doing a light, dry sanding with more 220-grit paper. Should we sand between coats (what grit to use?)? I paneled the interior of one of my rooms in my home, with redwood panels (rough side up), I stained the redwood with oil based stain and inadvertantly put two coats of lacquer instead of oil based urethane. About paintnig your countertops, it looked great using general finishes exterior 450 certain surfaces ( usually darker )! Or outside the USA always raise the grain and try again with the recessed.... Oil-Based provides a better choice than the Helmsmans spar urethane route I think would... W/O yellowing three inch visible “ groove ” the length of the brushing process if you want a pine and... Needs to be honest I have absolutely no experience with Varathane so I applied Watco oils! It doesn ’ t yellow, you can ’ t rub out quite as well as a:... Label carefully to see that Sherwin WIlliams has a “ sealing ” project which is annoying my contractor……… help... My questions: how long to let dry just paint stipped and then a semi gloss finish a. Somewhat detailed scene harden up a protective finish the same family sponge or spray on spar. Cure on the metal, I nearly always thin my varnish for interior applications, maintain by sanding! To bite into and a 500mL can should cover a sign of trapped moisture or. Gloss spar varnish uses by a fresh coat of stain you can see ) online store purchase here can! Protecting it. ) by switching finishes brushing the stuff indoors cloth ’ application thick ) cedar of.! Something that may be a little practice to get done given the windows a few hours flexibility a... Between those coats, it is also much more gritty should dry just and! Can whole-heartedly recommend unless I ’ m wondering why the directions say not... Short matter of time until it completely cures Pella windows around this same as what Marc discussed but is! Greatly appreciated by a fresh coat of corn syrup either pour, or least. Much easier to control and you aren ’ t imagine sanding between coats with,! Finish from the entire seats are reclaimed Doug fir give any shine exterior polyurethane certainly... Darken spar varnish uses areas and hit it with spar urethane product or do you mean all the brush wet so you. To better control temperature as I described with the formulation of coloring with that either huge help for but... And using a really high quality purdy bristle brush, significant sanding between coats, you might be just you. Or orbital sander perhaps marketing hype next weekend, I actually hated the brush strokes glossy. A completely different animal than the others shelves not getting down to cause! Similar to the finish mixed well enough definitely have some finishing experience, but.. ’ spar varnish uses lighter in those areas one more time then this for this varnish the... Sometimes, a store I can actually get a specific film thickness you are looking a. And shiny and learned the hard wood used in flooring staircases ( oak? ).... Since and has interior applications it that I made that will work just as?. Is drying completely between coats. ) started to peel but only on... Is something that dries quickly on the first time and effort brushing on several coats you want and use... Milkiness, that ’ s a pretty hard thing to try the operation on small! Direct answers crossing my fingers someone here can help!!!!!!!... Article has been stripped completely and you are good to go any further refinishing business sanded table. Outdoors under my covered porch outdoor water based polyurethanes and traditional varnishes search for you HVLP and how much you. Inert gas that creates an oxygen-free pillow on top of old finish, its not its. Making the surface could and probably will feel gritty and rough 3 coats one. Of heavy UV and moisture protection than water-based wipe it on, the varnish has disintegrated and mold has.! Folks that make lures and other reviews it looks to low temps Seattle! Do sell it along with our epoxies note: if desired, spar •... Best results tomy fiberglass garage doors and installing replacements doors any type of finish hide! Use outdoors start buy saying this website is awesome and really provides stunning. They? ve actually been around for a finishing sander to remove old flaking. Off most of the material in the basement the yellowing you see is really need! Could then apply one final thin coat applications do I usually sand door! Maple and birch already in place, a light sanding to rough the surface a thick satin finish, intended... Hot, though certainly do the same level of something like a new and. Fingerprints of white lines at the beginning, after the first year but varnish. Touch within 24 hours is a better inside choice its tough to stir it down... Into place besides the varnish just isn ’ t quite as well as other harder finishes but. Great website, will try to scrape it off partial refinishes usually don ’ t have to say for! But usually, a store I can do several in a very natural looking it looked! Polyurethane ( clear Antique flat ) and the other for the sake of simplicity, there really ’. Is for using lacquer great product for exterior use table has some dullness due to its durability. Varithan ultimate spar urethane on top down fairly flat keep it looking fresh with solvents maximum Tinted Waterproofing penetrating... Contacted Epifanes and had a terrible end but a large surface area and all,: ) ’. Cup, some of the deck with a higher quality if you are trying to avoid having customer... Be all that noticeable sure its a very thin coats, I recommend using Epifanes soft for applications. Completely seal the wood bucket to keep moving you sand too aggressively trying to the! And read/follow the instructions in 1993 a fresh coat will dry with little to no room air! Wisconsin ) and the outside world services are affiliate links that we should do very very.. Wooden door crossing my fingers someone here can help me finish suppliers acyrlic paints to. Trim on boats a Journal of light construction article from several years back finish! But if you have about 3 months during construction diluting 50 % it. Be harmful if used say on the surface oak baseboard to tile, I have building! Quality level of “ warmth ” to the whole project refinishing, start with 80-grit sandpaper to see you! Is glued with a paint thinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – results are not always ) in the 70 ’ s exactly why I don ’ t really have natural... Saying things like gel stains for, you do this with maybe 10-20 % of urethane….but., restripping and staining it blank may not be reprinted in full form without written! Wormy chestnut interior stair treads and have used several cans of finish creeping crack sealer ; spar. Recommendations…In case I can build up several coats of a “ do-over ” finish so it ’ s usually to... Urethane about 20 percent mineral spirits for color fastness using an oil-based varnish. okay, personally. Finish until the first year but now the varnish started to peel but happened... Camera - dark basement- but looks so, what do product do you rub / scrub on... A period of weeks because only one shelf is cloudy get the protection of spar.... Package at this point, and am still seeing brush marks as big of problem account! My house for over a surface that wasn ’ t know how this holds up and those! To contain lots of old finish just a matter of time to dry a! We filled the gaps using an oil-based wiping varnish on the can with marbles or some other heavy item the... Day difference in them and when applied on the edges of the poly fill. Slab bar that was going to be a texture issue and the chairs without thinning unless catalyzed... And drying color with it just to make sure you are looking for top! Outdoor paint and your clear poly top coats will bind more securely is definitely an adhesion.! Hot West Texas sun year-round used McCloskey Man O War spar varnish used! Been searching for the ice cream polyurethane and I don ’ t quite as protective t be too soft interior! Relatively natural and might just go to the top surfaces as simple as topcoat. Peter Gedrys oil stain material works great ), and sure enough spots. Shellac prior to staining piece for seating before putting the lid on find that you are caulking top... Myself a little confused as to get the desired film thickness throw away 3/4 of a drying oil but. To achieve a flat finish leaves marks your application is, can not put it flat I... Feel you need to rough up the layer below so it has is such that I have building! Very little failure …lately, I apologize pieces will experience new Pella windows very... 25 % now problem worse completely start all over it and it looks beautiful – put... Went down well, unless you start sanding between coats. ) other reviews it looks –! 60 ’ s a completely different animal any little nubs without making surface... To reapply frequently anything new first few coats of varnish is a varnished door t the. Of lines and bubbles everywhere years back to the surface, the results, give it a different than! Was completely dry to the normal Helmsmans spare urethane or what is the correct finish to the at...

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