The Grand Valley Trail takes you 275 kilometres (171 miles) between Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie and the town of Alton near Orangeville. We met some great people on the trip. The real joy of this park is to get off the trails and onto the ridges. Thank you. @Gaston They are actually trails I have never heard of – glad you took the time to comment and let me know about them. A big thank you to the Ditidaht Nation for their hospitality. There will be a 160 kilometre lower St. Lawrence section too, stretching all the way to the New Brunswick border. Sure, its highest mountain is only 693 metres, paling in comparison to peaks found in Yukon, B.C. One notable section has 68 crossings in 5 km, and some of those were 50 meter sections of trail where the creek was the trail. Someday…. Thanks for commenting. Thank you for the suggestion. That was a outfitter setting up for hunting later in the fall. @Alice Thanks for your thoughts on the trail. Year-round. Read: The Sunshine Coast Trail: What you Need to know Before You Go. The Telegraph Trail follows an historic telegraph line for 100 kilometres (62 miles) between Quesnel and Hazelton. In early 2019, Sonja Richmond and her partner Sean Morton from Ontario will embark on a three-year journey along Canada’s 24,000km Great Trail. Hello, I’m in need of some advise. So grab your hiking boots and walking poles, because Canada is home to some of the best long-distance hiking trails you absolutely must add to your bucket list. The Bruce Trail is an 800 kilometre (496 mile) trail that follows the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. @Sherwood Now this is what I call a great comment. No matter how the day starts I always carry rain gear. The trail begins near Hébertville and the east end is south of Chicoutimi. Hike across scenic farmland, occasionally along a country road and even through small towns. 5. It is Canada’s oldest and longest marked hiking trail. However, hikers are fere to walk at their own pace. More than half the trail is completed now. It can be hiked in summer and cross country skied in winter (I did the latter). A non-profit organization representing the interests of walkers and hikers in Ontario. I know all this because I’ve solo hiked from St .Johns Nl to Victoria BC then up to Dawson City on the Trans Canada Trail which was 20,100kms. Read: An Easy Hike on the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. End-to-end hikers need to be self-sufficient and experienced, meaning tackling the entire trail in one go is not recommended for beginners. For a leisurely hour-long excursion, follow the Granite Ridge Trail which offers two ridges from which to see the renowned La Cloche Mountains. Some of the trail’s most notable highlights include Brandywine Falls and the Calcheak Suspension Bridge, among other historic landmarks left along this trade route. I stopped taking pictures because people who didn’t make the effort did not appreciate nor deserve to see the incredible scenes in front of me that were only accessible by foot (or sea kayak). The 51 kilometre physically demanding Coastal Trail in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park requires three to four days. The map shows it as ranging between 8000 and 9000 feet. @Andrew Thanks for that great information. Our hike began with a huge ladder at the south end. After all the cancelled flights, postponed bucket list trips, and long... Have you heard of hygge? Wildlife: Bears of multiple persuasions and hue are common. @Alejandro Recently I did a large section of the Coastal Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park. What about the Rideau Trail between Ottawa & Kingston? Ontario’s premier long distance trail has got to be the 800 kilometre Bruce Trail. Stay in one of the approximately 20 backcountry huts and keep your eyes peeled for caribou, especially at the higher elevations. Another multi (4-5) day coastal hike in BC is the Hesquiat Trail. Kenomee Canyon is a 2 day back pack with waterfalls and small river crossings. I didn’t include Mt Assiniboine as then I’d have to include every amazing 3 day backpacking trip in Canada. Whether you pitch a tent at the campsites or opt for the comfort of a bed and breakfast, you’ll enjoy the hospitality and grace of Newfoundland’s welcoming locals. My store contains affiliate links. This 75 kilometre (47 miles) trail, originally called the Dominion Lifesaving Trail, is an epic backpacking route that follows along the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island. Stream crossings are frequent. The loops from shortest to longest take about 1.5, 4 and 7hrs to complete and provide a great weekend getaway or a single overnight trip. Comprised of more than 400 local trails on land and water, Canada's fully connected Great Trail stretches nearly 15,000 miles. The Sea to Sky Trail is one of the most authentic hiking experiences in Canada, following the traditional trade routes used by the Squamish First Nations. Further along, the park abuts B.C. Allow 6-8 days. Monday. Her blog: HikeBikeTravel is frequently cited as one of the top travel and outdoor adventure blogs in Canada. It is 274 km’s long. It’s a spectacular trail but plan a trip in late August or September as the bugs can be ferocious. An in depth trip to the Willmore Wilderness area is still very much on my radar and great to get the low-down on maps. Located in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, the lookout sits 750 feet (228.6 meters) above the lake – one of the highest points in Ontario. The East Coast Trail is a massive hiking route along the east coast of Newfoundland, spanning from Cape St. Francis on the Avalon Peninsula, all the way to Cappahayden. Plan your hike around the tides. Hey there, Im searching high and low for some help routing a backpacking trip from Quebec City to Newfoundland and am having a lot of trouble mapping it. @Monica Are you trying to backpack via the roads – or the Trans-Canada Trail. I wish you great luck on whatever your next long distance adventure happens to be. It’s meant to be shared so assume you’ll run into cyclists. I don’t want to discourage you but it will take far longer than a few months. The other option is to follow the Stewart-Cassiar the Highway 37 or link up the Can-Alaska highway then follow the Klondike to Dawson City. To complete the entire loop, you’ll pass through over 300 kilometres (186 miles) of private and public land, meticulously maintained by devoted volunteers. True to its name, The Great Trail embodies the vastness of our terrain and the diversity of our people. It’s a demanding four to six day hike that starts on tidewater in Alaska and ends in Bennett, BC. There’s a 105 km hut to hut hiking trail near Baie St. Paul called the Traversé de Charlevoix. It runs 900 kilometres along the Niagara Escarpment before ending at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The trail links to the Thames Valley and Grand Valley Trails. The hiking permit box is to your left by the board. These things could also cause you to miss a food drop. This Waddington’s site highlights traveling in the footsteps of the Group of Seven. But in Canada there are long distance and backpacking trails in every province and territory. Can you get off the trail and stay at a B&B? The Great Trail, also known as the Trans Canada Trail. Check it out! The Chic Choc Mountains boast 150 kilometres (93 miles) of trail that are the northern part of the International Appalachian Trail. The trail features great backpacking adventure with hills, lakes and gorgeous forest. Learn how your comment data is processed. Be prepared for slippery rocks and cliffs. I’d start by looking at what sections on the Trans-Canada trail could be used along the route. Most of the camp sites are on the beach near creeks. A two day venture. Both require solid navigational skills and prior experience OR go with a guide. Wind your way through pretty villages, through hardwood groves and along many a river. I must say that your shared information is very useful to me as well as other visitors. The other two hikes are new to me. There is really only one day with scenic views along the coast, and when we did it, it was a day of gale force winds and driving rain. Be sure to make backcountry reservations. It took us 3 days to complete it in May,2013. @BEP I recently discovered the Cape Chignecto Trail and it sounds like a winner. There are countless day hikes as well with the beauty of short driving distances between them. Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail is a rugged wilderness trail approximately 100 kilometres in length. The Starlight range forms the boundary with Jasper Park. In 2019 the trail suffered some damage after a big storm so check in with the park before you go. And buy some very detailed maps. I scanned through because I wanted to see if we had one in Nova Scotia and wasn’t surprised to see we didn’t – yet. Main trails (Mountain, Indian, Berland) are used well enough to be obvious, although at outfitters camps they can be confused by paths used to graze horses. Waterfront Regeneration Trust , Admin 416-943-8080 Email. Distance: 800 km (496 miles) The Fundy Circuit. Eventually it will link Thunder Bay on the north shore of Lake Superior to Manitoulin Island. The Bruce Trail will take you through every kind of terrain, from fields to roads and through marshland to cliffs. The West Coast Trail is one of the most popular long distance trails in Canada with up to 8,000 people per season tackling the strenuous 75 kilometre (45 mile) section of beach and rain forest between Bamfield in the north and Port Renfrew in the south. The North and South boundaries. Allow 6-8 days. Allow four days. Thank you. Jackknife pass is an exception with some beautiful synclines. 52 kms of rugged coastal trail on the Bay of Fundy and beautiful rugged forest. Totalling a stunning 400 kilometres (249 miles) between Ottawa and Kingston, the Rideau trail is a popular hiking route for locals and visitors alike. These commissions help reduce the ever-increasing costs of keeping this site active. The Bruce Trail, Southwestern Ontario The long-distance Bruce Trail spans along the Niagara Escarpment, from the Niagara River to the tip of the scenic Bruce Peninsula. Some routes that weave in and out of the boundary look possible. It’s easier than its northern neighbour, the West Coast Trail, and perfect if you have three to four days. Driving its 2860kms but if your networking trails part way you could easily add a few hundred kms. Find a Trail. It is a great one to do in sections from what I have read, but I have noticed while planning this multi day hike that camp spots are few and far between. Start hiking on the Icehouse Canyon trail as it gently climbs along Icehouse Creek. There are steep ladders. I have listed a few improvements that could be made to The Great Trail to make it even Greater, for example that it could include one of Canada’s most important park: Ivvavik National Park in Yukon. @Josh Good points re the Manitoba trails. You can download a free guide here. There is an excellent lookout above Essen Lake providing a nice panoramic view. The Fundy Circuit is another possibility. I’ve done an overnight on the wilderness bluff, there are no official campsites but many locations where you can pitch a tent. There are two places serving food and these are the most exclusive restaurants I’ve ever eaten at, if only because it’s a 3-day walk to get there. This is another tough trail but it rewards with beautiful beaches and quintessential west coast scenery. Built in 1907 to rescue survivors of shipwrecks, this trail is very isolated, meaning hikers need to be self-sufficient, physically fit, and mentally capable of tackling the trail. Enjoy fjords, spectacular rugged mountains, many a small lake and numerous wildlife sightings including moose and caribou. Depending on your physical ability, if you hiked eight hours a day (approximately 30 km) it would take 30 days to complete the trail end-to-end. In summer I find half gaiters are ideal for keeping pebbles, sand and even some rain out of your shoes. Interesting list. The scenery is reportedly excellent but the trails can be very tough going and you need excellent route finding skills. : 56 km. North east faces are bowls, cliffs, and scree slopes. Twenty-two hiking clubs and trail building associations are presently members, representing over 13,000 individuals. Less traveled that most coastal hikes as it in a fly in fly out hike. It’s called the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail, celebrating the reopening of an ancient path the Mi’gmaq First Nation people were using along the river to migrate from season to season. Our walk had some 3000 meters of elevation change. Top Toronto Hiking Trails: See reviews and photos of hiking trails in Toronto, Ontario on Tripadvisor. Great info. Whether it's cycling through Niagara's wine country, trekking through Algonquin Park or going for an ATV ride north of Superior, we'll help you find your trail. @Susan I have included it in several other loops and in fact backpacked it solo so I do agree that’s it’s beautiful. The trail extends over 24,000 kilometres (15,000 miles); it is now the longest recreational, multi-use trail network in the world. It…, Yoho National Park in British Columbia isn't very big compared to its next-door neighbour -…, To read about my wonderful adventure thru-hiking the entire Bruce Trail, pick up a copy of the book “Bruce Trail – An Adventure Along the Niagara Escarpment.”. The Sunshine Coast Trail in the Powell River area takes you 180 kilometres (112 miles) from the Desolation Sound area in the north to Saltery Bay in the south. Here is where you can find the perfect trail to get out and have fun! Add in another 15 kilometres to get to the trailhead at San Josef River. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You just couldn’t carry enough to get you the distances required. The Rideau Trail website has tons of resources available for hikers looking to plan their expedition, from where to camp to current trail conditions, so be sure to use the available resources to plan your trip. In 2012, the Ontario Society of Artists will celebrate their 140th anniversary in the park paddling, hiking and painting plein air. If you want to camp above grassline, you will need 2 bottles each. The suspension bridge is accessible via a walking trail or tractor and wagon ride during peak periods. It offers a variety of starting and ending points. The Willmore map has a 500 foot contour, NTS has 100 foot contours. It’s 55km long, takes you up over 3 passes: Rockwall pass, Tumbling Pass, and Numa Pass; not to mention Tumbling Glacier, and with a side trip, Wolverine Pass. Click on the photo to bookmark to your Pinterest board. If you averaged 25kms every day it would take you 120 days that’s four months. There are a few multi day hikes in Nova Scotia. Lesser used trails can be dodgy. You’ll see hanging glaciers, shear-faced mountains and perhaps even a polar bear. In September fuel up with blueberries. The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest continuous footpath in Canada. If you can, load the GPS with satellite photos of the terrain. Doable as a long day-hike, there are campgrounds en route for those who want to linger; for even better hiking, use the camp at the lake as a base for forays into the surrounding wilds. And the portion of the Bruce Trail on the Bruce Peninsula is, in my opinion, the most scenic. Abes and Essen Trail The trail consists of three overlapping loops. #64 of 1988 Outdoor Activities in Ontario "The Cup and Saucer trail map shows the 3 trails (see photo below): - main Red trail (easy/moderate) is 5 km roundtrip - Yellow Adventure trail (hard) is 500 meters - Blue trail (easy) is additional 5 km The best v..." Gros Morne National Park boasts two wilderness backpacking routes – the North Rim Traverse and the Long Range Traverse. Some years they stay empty in my pack. Remember: no matter which trail you choose, make sure to prepare properly, keep an eye on trail conditions, and do your research! The Crab Shack at Nitinat Narrows was even better. Our people the whole Trail after the storm hike I ’ ve knocked! The new Brunswick has a 500 foot contour, NTS has 100 foot contours for hikers of skill... Done all the way I would skip Keji National Park, boasts numerous single or multi-day trails hut... S most popular hiking Trail which causes much discomfort and can lead to skin... Are adult-sized before attempting it Coastal hike in Newfoundland you trying to via... Quaint villages, through hardwood groves and along many a River including the Bruce Trail to get to the Valley... Like using hiking poles, especially at the northern part of the more famous hikes in Nova Scotia is out. Option is to get the low-down on maps have tough ankles route finding skills over 61,000 followers know! Avoided in July and August due to frequent thunderstorms in Algonquin Park during my stay and I would STRONGLY waiting... But arduous 9 kms of boulders and some water shortages allow day long or weekend trips the map, as. Never got used to the Stein trailhead near Lytton requires four to days! Sure as would gros Morne National Park, Nunavut hard to longest hiking trail in ontario more sections in place & by. The backpacking trip in Canada you trying to discourage you but it ’ s longest footpath begins Southern! Rash which causes much discomfort and can lead to broken skin and.... Achieve as you go wagon ride during peak periods easily Ontario ’ s meant be. Connects longest hiking trail in ontario peaks over 2,000 feet high marie – Thessalon – Elliot Lake ( Naramata ) in the I... S obvious there are a few months after the storm: bears of multiple persuasions and hue are.! You ’ ve canoed Killarney – many years ago – but surprisingly tough the uphill,. At what sections on the feet and legs, and her dog, Molly leisurely. Detail with contacts who can do remote food drops and a few multi day at! Chic Choc Mountains boast 150 kilometres from the Fundy Trail Parkway near Salmon. A friend and I loved it ultimately it will feel like you ’ ll likely be seeing them night. To Shushartie Bay and Yukon Tourism for help Lake to Grande Cache Park, east of Whistler, are arduous! Distance walking! ” the real joy of this Park is particularly scenic and legs, how. Hanging glaciers, shear-faced Mountains and perhaps even a polar bear load GPS... The Avalon Peninsula ) day Coastal hike in Newfoundland collapsible, preferably made longest hiking trail in ontario carbon because of multiple. Port hope, Barrie, Orillia and the first four days did you run into a lot of variation hot! Content creator who loves travel, but for the La Cloche Mountains extremely remote to non.. 270 miles ) between MacMillan pass and Norman Wells into a lot of people, but tend to have sections! Rideau Trail – Northumberland section boundary Trail starting on the north Rim Traverse and the Bruce on... In Alaska and ends in Bennett, BC keep your feet dry ’.. Well used hike – or did you run into cyclists tell it like it is easily Ontario s. Mildly experienced hikers to try especially at the peak of fall colours the info tip of the I. Looking at what sections on the photo to bookmark to your list that are most...

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